With Prelude of War update, released on July 29th patch in 2020, NCSoft Korea released exchange option via Dimensional Manager for Dragon Skin Shirt and Circlets of Power in to Crystals of Dawn

Items Crystal of Dawn
Noble Circlet Upgrade Stone 12
Noble Leather Upgrade Stone 12
Radiant Circlet Upgrade Stone 38
Radiant Rind Upgrade Stone 38

Please note, NPC Blacksmith after the patch upgrading items with Crystal of Dawn only.

Item Crystal of Dawn Adena Upgraded item
+5 Warrior’s Circlet 12 100000 Noble Warrior’s Circlet
+5 Wizard’s Circlet 12 100000 Noble Wizard’s Circlet
+5 Knight’s Circlet 12 100000 Noble Knight’s Circlet
+5 Noble Warrior’s Circlet 38 100000 Radiant Warrior’s Circlet
+5 Noble Wizard’s Circlet 38 100000 Radiant Wizard’s Circlet
+5 Noble Knight’s Circlet 38 100000 Radiant Knight’s Circlet
+5 Dragon Skin Shirt 12 1000 Dragon Leather Shirt
+5 Dragon Leather Shirt 38 1000 Dragon Rind Leather Shirt